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JetLiPhotogroup, was named after the founder, Mr. Jet Li, who has an identical name with the movie star. "Doctor"---"Professor"---"Honey"---"Dad"---"Tiger Woods"---"Moneymaker"---"Cameraman"---"Wow, It's Your Picture"------ People around Mr. Jet Li usually called him with above titles. But "Hey, Bud" is his favorite.

Our Team: Victor (sales&Adm.); Jet (photographer©writer); Eric (3D); Yi (graphic); Kimm (makeup); Watercolor (drafting); Alex (IT); Lily (accountant); Jenny, Scott, Bella, Angie, Sean &Jennifer(contracted models).

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2008 Scotty photowalk at DC

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Little Benette

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DC CherryBlossoms 08

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saturation project (farm)

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MC photogroup

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Cute Kids

don't call yourself 'professional kid's photographer'------kids are na ...

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Sherry's boys

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Chinese New Year 2008

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Rockville Band

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Photo Editing

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